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In The Mailbox: 10.20.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Usual weekend deadlines for the usual weekend posts, and since I don’t have a convention to run this weekend, I’ll actually get Rule 5 Sunday and the FMJRA done.
Ceterum autem censeo Silicon Valley esse delendam.

357 Magnum: Victor David Hanson & Clifton Duncan On The Bigotry Of Low Expectations
EBL: Reservation Dogs, Burt Young RIP, Who doesn’t like Jim Jordan? So how is the Sam Bankman-Fried criminal trial going? and Kraken Krack-A-Lack : Sidney Powell Pleads Guilty
Twitchy: 99% Of These Videos Are Women, James Woods Posts An Insane Calendar Of Woke, and Right On Time – HuffPo Tries Shaming NRCC For Accurate Meme About Ilhan Omar’s “Death Threats”
Louder With Crowder: Amazon Unveils New Robots To Replace Humans…wait, what? J.K. Rowling Says She Would “Happily” Go To Jail If/When The UK Criminalizes Calling Someone The “Wrong” Pronoun, Influencer expects fat dude to simp for her, gets quickly put in her place: “Maybe eat a burger and not be anorexic”, and Tyson Foods Jumps On The Bug Bandwagon, Expands With “Sustainable” Insect Protein
Vox Popoli: Not One for the Faint of Heart, Propaganda is the Priority, The Dayan Principle, THE ALTAR OF HATE in Hardcover, The Red Terror of Free Trade, The Scorpion’s Lament, and Mailvox: Book Update
According To Hoyt: Shut Your Kumbaya, Tired And Kittens, Dangerous, and Why Sarah Disappeared
Monster Hunter Nation: The eARC for Down These Mean Streets is out now, also, Aiming to Change People’s Lives
Jon Del Arroz: Israel Is Under Attack & Author Yakov Merkin Needs Your Help
Stoic Observations: Notions Of Nationhood

American Conservative: No Temporary Fixes
American Greatness: Part 1: Q&A with Dinesh D’Souza About His New Film, ‘Police State’, Part 2, Pro-Palestinian Protesters Storm U.S. Capitol, Occupy Cannon Rotunda, and Several Law Schools Encourage Students to Work for Designated Terrorist Organizations
American Thinker: When Gaza has Money Hamas has Rockets, Where There is No Respect for Life, Evil Flourishes, and Beyond Orwell: The High-tech Lynching of America
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Hump Day News, Animal’s Daily Canadian Energy News, and Rule Five Hiding Harris Friday
BattleSwarm: Ukraine Destroys Russian Helicopter Base, Tank News Roundup For October 18, Are Chicago Citizens Tired Of Ranking Lower On Democratic Party Priorities Than Illegal Aliens? and LinkSwarm for October 20
Behind The Black: Ingenuity completes 62nd flight on Mars, India rocket startup Agnikul raises $26.7 million in new private investment capital, Israel negotiating with SpaceX to use Starlink, Erosion revealing ridges on Mars? SpaceX to push for more than 140 launches in 2024, At Senate hearings numerous launch companies complain of regulatory bottleneck, Japan awards Ispace $80 million to develop larger lunar lander, and Our utterly bankrupt “mainstream” press
Cafe Hayek: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “Sharing prosperity”, also, Another Open Letter to Oren Cass
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday, also, Fullbore Friday
Chicago Boyz: The Cuban Missile Crisis As Viewed From a Soviet Launch Facility, also, A Double-Edged Sword
Da Tech Guy: Today’s elitist college students are good at standardized tests, but they can’t figure out good and evil, Hamas vs Actual Nazis – Hamas is Worse, A moment of crisis, Hamas Breathes a Sigh of Relief all the Propaganda, None of the Danger, Five Quick Sports/Gaming Thoughts Under the Fedora, With the Speaker of the House debacle the Republican Party proves once again they are the stupid party, and I Know There Are Are Many More Important Things In the World
Dana Loesch: Anatomy & Malicious Intent of a Smear.
Don Surber: An ungovernable nation, also, Hamas myths we should dump
First Street Journal: Money talks, This is how Hitler got good Europeans to load Jews into cattle cars, Killadelphia, and Fired because they were just plain stupid
Gates Of Vienna: No Speakee Deutsch! Shootout at a Café in Schaerbeek, Firebombing the Jews in Berlin, Och, Those Puir Wee Palestinian Bairns! She Had it Coming, and Israel After the Hamas Attack: Cyber-Experts Locating Missing Hostages
The Geller Report: INSURRECTION: Pro-Terror Genocidal Jew Haters Breach the Capital, RINOS WIN – Jim Jordan Withdraws, Won’t Seek Third Vote, and Biden’s Department of Homeland Security Promoted Former Spokesperson for the PLO and Put Her in Charge of Vetting “Asylum” Seekers
Hogewash: Follow the Money, JWST Looks at Jupiter, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, A Star With Spiral Arms, and NGC 1807
Hollywood In Toto: Is Kevin Spacey the New Free Speech Hero? Megyn Kelly Slams Alicia Keys Over Paraglider Posts, Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon Stalls at Worst Possible Time, Roy Wood Jr. Compares Daily Show Gig to Being a Marine, Dot Conner Fires Shot Across Disney’s Bow, and Hamas Atrocities Red-Pilling Progressive Stars
The Lid: Biden’s Real Meeting With An Israeli PM, And His Support Of Israel In Hamas War, also, $100 Million For Hamas Will Incentivize More Attacks On Israel
Legal Insurrection: DC Federal Judge Puts Trump Gag Order On Hold Temporarily, Joran van der Sloot Admits to Killing Natalee Holloway & Blackmailing Her Mother, Cornell Professor Apologizes for Comments About Being “Exhilarated” By Hamas Attack on Israel, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Taking Votes Away From Trump After Switching to Independent, Hamas Releases Two American Hostages, a Mother and Daughter From Chicago, New Hampshire Governor Will Tackle Northern Border After Silence From Biden Admin, and NYU Law Students Say Their Classmate Losing Job Offer Over Support for Hamas is ‘Violence’
Nebraska Energy Observer: Number Please, A Little of This, and Scattershot Friday
Outkick: Former MLB Executive Roasts Phillies Fans, Greg Schiano Basically Called Michigan A Bunch Of Cheaters Last Month And We All Missed It, Travis Kelce Buys Massive Mansion Amid Taylor Swift Relationship, Features Incredible Specs, Former Ranger Ian Kinsler Shows Support For Israel During First Pitch, Survey Shows College GameDay Fans Hate Pat McAfee, But ESPN Viewers Are Dead Wrong, Victoria’s Secret Bet On Megan Rapinoe, Woke Marketing Push Miserably Backfires, and Caleb Williams’ Numbers Against Top 25 Defenses Are Alarming
Power Line: Shocker! Hamas not a reliable source, Insurrection On Capitol Hill, A Politician For Our Time, and Thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: Moskowitz & Frankel Call For Bipartisan Speaker Deal
Shot In The Dark: Urban Progressive Privilege – Peak Karen, Dude…Like, The Fix Is Totally, Like, In. Dude, Someone Else’s Shoes, and Public Is To Art As It Is To Restrooms
The Political Hat: The Gender Snowman Brought To You By…The Federal Government, Quick Takes – Mandatory Racial Inequality: Racial Preferences In New Zealand Healthcare; Racial Preferences In Canadian Criminal Sentencing; Racial Preferences In Teacher Hiring, and Firing Line Friday: Vietnamization
This Ain’t Hell: Yep, the border is under control, Four More Accounted For, Ukraine strikes deep into Russian occupied territories with ATACMS, Camp Lejeune – One Marine Dead, Another in Custody, Former Navy Chief Sentenced in Fraud Scheme, Coast Guard Short 3,500, Travis King Charged with Eight Counts, Valor Friday, US forces shoot drones down in Iraq, as well as drones and missiles near Yemen, and Military obesity rates double in 10 years
Victory Girls: Brian Stelter Scolds Media For Fake News – Irony Is Dead, Greta Hearts Hamas, Then Deletes And Crops Out The Octopus, and Biden Ignores 32 Dead Americans In Israel
Volokh Conspiracy: LSAT to Drop the “Logic Games” Section
Watts Up With That: “I didn’t expect that”: Catholic Nun Tackles and Drops an Eco-Activist, Milloy: Biden’s Kamikaze Climate Plan for the US Economy, and What Passes for A “Demonstration Project” Among Our Government Geniuses
The Federalist: The ‘Tube Girl’ Trend Shows How Gen Z Lives In The Digital World, Not The Real One, Don’t Look Now, But Slate Just Made An Argument For School Choice , SPLC Lead Attorney Apparently Participated In Unlawful Capitol Anti-Israel Protest, Biden’s Federal Election Interference Scheme Just Entered Its Next Phase, ‘Bidenomics’ Gifts Homebuyers Highest Mortgage Rates In More Than Two Decades, Gaza Hospital Misinformation Is One More Reason To Destroy The Censorship Complex, and The Eras Tour Movie Has Its Problems But None Of Them Are Taylor Swift
Mark Steyn: Modern Blood Libel, Strangers in the Night, Israel Today, The West Tomorrow, and Live Around the Planet: Ten Days to Trial

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