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In The Mailbox: 11.07.23 (Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda est.

357 Magnum: I Can’t Wait Until We Have Socialized Medicine
EBL: Even Bernie Sanders Rejects A Ceasefire In Gaza, also, Five Nights at Freddy’s
Twitchy: “Spelled MURDER Wrong”, If Gaza Has No Electricity How Do They Explain This? and Two Officers To Be Fired Over Leak Of Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto
Louder With Crowder: We have obtained EXCLUSIVE access to the Nashville Covenant shooter’s manifesto, “Listen to the screams:” Female field hockey player severely injured by male allowed to play on girls’ high school team, and Woman confuses Black Hebrew Israelites for Jewish school, drives car through building in EPIC antisemitism fail
Vox Popoli: Ben Shapiro and the Inevitability of Defeat, GenX Critique of Boomer Pride, Why EVERYONE Hates the Media, and In Which I Express A Heartfelt Apology
Draw & Talk Comics: The Secret Problem In Comics Is…The Fans?

Adam Piggott: Clueless Kunstler
American Conservative: Can a Hedge-Fund Patriot Win a U.S. Senate Seat in Pennsylvania?
American Greatness: House GOP to Introduce FISA Reform Bill Blocking Surveillance of Americans’ Phone Records, The Mindset of Our Anti-Semites, and This Time Israel Will Finish The Job
American Thinker: Pennsylvania’s 2020 Election Was Invalid — Says Who? The DNC Con Job to Come, and Keep Your Head on a Swivel
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: If Latin American ‘solidarity’ doesn’t kill Cuba, it won’t be for lack of effort, Rationed bread roll thrown at Cuban government office was so hard, it broke the plate glass window, Cuban troops in Angolan war earned the Castro dictatorship between $4.8 and $9.6 billion, and Venezuela’s socialist dictatorship acts like a socialist regime, cancels opposition elections
Baldilocks: I Only Know What I Read
BattleSwarm: How Bad Off Is The Russian Ruble?, also, Spongebomb Squareboom Meets The Stainless Steel Throwbot
Behind The Black: Astra defaults on debt agreement, Commercial hi-res Earth imaging satellite constellations limiting Gaza imagery to the public, Middle East Arabs know Hamas is wrong and Israel is right, even if America’s stupid college students don’t, and Galaxies within galaxies within galaxies
Chicago Boyz: Edward Said
Commander Salamander: Germany’s Delusions Come Home To Roost
Da Tech Guy: Under the Fedora, Don’t complain about the systems you built! Rules for the Next Season of 1997 of the Short Season Draft League, and The migrant crime wave is here
Don Surber: Israel’s 15 Ceasefires
First Street Journal: Rashida Tlaib thinks that you are too stupid to understand what Hamas are, also, In Which Trudy Rubin Tells Us That She Doesn’t Understand War
Gates Of Vienna: Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Mujahid, The German State Pays the Jizya, Geert Wilders: “It is an Ideological Conflict, Not a Conflict Over Land”, and There Will Be Blood
The Geller Report: Rape Jihad: Hamas Sexual Abuse of Jewish Women Follows Islamic Doctrine, CHAOS: Screaming “Allahu Akbar!” Pro-Terror, Genocidal Rioters Storm White House Fence, Try To Tear it Down, Attack Secret Service, Statues Desecrated in DC, WATCH: Young Muslims in Germany and Belgium say they will become the majority, abolish the Constitution and Institute Sharia law, and Hamas Had Planned Massacre During Passover But Iran Forced Delay Until They Got Biden’s $6 Billion
Glenn Reynolds: The Wheels Are Coming Off The Biden Administration
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, A Dance of the Asteroids, An Astronomer Uses a Telescope, and A Binary Asteroid
Hollywood In Toto: Royal Hotel Wallows in Toxic Masculinity, To Hell and Back: TV’s Best Depictions of Hell, Adam Carolla: Gavin Newsom Is a ‘Sociopathic, Tyrannical Dictator’, and Best ’80s Vampire Movies
The Lid: Poisoning The Jews, Then And Now
Legal Insurrection: Army Plans Major Cuts to Special Forces – Over Objections, “Cornell really needs to get a handle on the poisonous ideology which has now inflicted campus”,‘Pro-Palestinian’ Students Arrested at Dartmouth College for Trespassing After Threat Virginia: Today’s Election A Big F’ing Deal As Democrats Fear-Monger Abortion, Gun Rights, and MAGA, Oh My! U.S. Naval Academy Sued Over Use of Race in Admissions, Jewish Students at Cornell Question Their Allegiances to Left Wing Groups After Pro-Hamas Controversies, Rashida Tlaib Gaslights on ‘From the River to the Sea,’ Gruesome Nova Festival Footage Proves She’s Lying, and Multiple Students Hospitalized After Boozy Lingerie Party at Rice University
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, All Saints’ Sunday, and Reflecting on Coach Knight
Outkick: God-First C.J. Stroud Playing As If He’s A Gift From Heaven For Houston Texans, Field Hockey Captain Slams Massachusetts Law Allowing Boys On Girls Teams After Brutal Injury To Her Teammate, Mike Vrabel Is Patriots’ ‘Home Run Choice’ To Replace Bill Belichick: REPORT, JJ Watt Sounds Off On Out Of Control NFL Fines: ‘This Is STEALING’, NBA Official Embarasses Himself By Letting Draymond Green Berate Him For 40 Seconds Without Blowing Whistle, Alabama Saved Its Best For LSU, And For The Last SEC West Duel Between These 2 Division Dynamos, and Paige VanZant Calls Out Haters With Spicy Instagram Post
Power Line: Genocide Is Popular, A Paid Agent of a Foreign Power, and Obama’s Subtle Tactics of Division
Shark Tank: Rubio Condemns Political Violence In Honduras
Shot In The Dark: History Talking
The Political Hat: School Smut Hypocrisy, Florida Edition Redux
This Ain’t Hell: A-10 vs. F-35 report released – sorta, Astronaut RADM Ken Mattingly, USN passes away, Crypto-Clown Guilty, and Chinese sub allegedly down
Transterrestrial Musings: The Gaza Tunnels, Starship, World War III, Science Influencers, and Europe’s Rocket Woes
Victory Girls: Ponzi Scam Artist Sam Bankman-Fried Guilty On All Counts, Ilhan Omar Just Can’t Add It Up, and Anne Frank Not “Diverse” Enough In Germany Anymore
Volokh Conspiracy: S. Ct. Will Hear NRA’s Case Alleging That N.Y. Government Coerced Companies to Stop Doing Business with NRA
Watts Up With That: Shell Pulls Out of US Offshore Wind Farm Contract, Judge Interrupts Just Stop Oil Protestor’s Flight to India, and California EV HELL: QUEUING for chargers at MIDNIGHT!!!
The Federalist: Every Ohio Pastor Has A Duty To Urge His Congregants To Vote No On Issue 1, Rolling Stone Dishonestly Demonizes Speaker Mike Johnson For Protecting His Son From Porn, How To Pump The Brakes On Runaway Government Spending Without Ramping Up Inflation, With More Smoke And Mirrors About Hunter Biden Charging Decisions, DOJ Covers Up A Cover-Up, Destroying Robert E. Lee’s Statue Marks A Historic Low Point, But Hungary Shows It Doesn’t Have To Be The Endpoint, and National Review’s Guilt-By-Association Smear Of The Heritage Foundation Is Cowardly Nonsense
Mark Steyn: Interstellar with Dr Mann Super Villain, Light My Fire, and The Flagging Spirit

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