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In The Mailbox: 11.09.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Euthanasia Is The New Medical Care
EBL: The Last Sentinel, There is a whole genre of Neanderthal cave man erotic romance already, and  Republicans fall just short in Virginia…why?
Twitchy: WaPo Reportedly Pressured To Remove “Racist” Cartoon About Hamas, “I Can’t Believe This Is Real”, and Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) Not Running For Re-election
Louder With Crowder: House Passes Bill That Would Cut Pete Buttigieg’s Government Salary to $1, Intersex Track Star Claims Being Born With Testicles “Don’t Make Me Less Of A Woman”, Bystander declares “we’re not gonna take it” as he takes down shoplifter in epic video, and Of course, YouTube removed our #NashvilleManefesto video, and the absurdity of their excuse should be marveled at
Vox Popoli: Ignore the Boomer Ghosts, Junior Classics ebook editions, Infection is the Strategy, The End of The Escapist, and MAILVOX: In Defense of Doug Wilson
Stoic Observations: Hot Takes

Adam Piggott: Only with God
American Conservative: Why Can’t Anyone Say How Much We’ve Spent on Ukraine? also, Mike Johnson’s Christian Nationalism—And Yours
American Greatness: California Spends $4 Million on Gender Surgeries for Prisoners, Death Row Inmates, President Chaos Not Likely to See Second Term, The House Votes to Censure Rep. Rashida Tlaib Over Anti-Semitic Rhetoric, and Comer Subpoenas Hunter Biden, James Biden and Rob Walker to Appear For Depositions
American Thinker: Was October 7 an Earthquake for the Democrats? Biden: Pro-Israel by Day, Pro-Hamas by Night, Unfairly Targeting Trump, and The Unforgettable, Dreadful 2020s
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Chimp Warfare News, also, Animal’s Hump Day News
Babalu Blog: Victims of Communism Day: Stop glorifying communism, One of Cuba’s Ladies in White has ‘disappeared,’ dissident group fears the worst, Sen. Ted Cruz: Cuban communist playbook being used by leftists to indoctrinate American children, Reports from Cuba: More controls on producers to stop livestock debacle in Ciego de Avila, and UN General Assembly vote condemning U.S. sanctions against Cuba does nothing to curb hunger
BattleSwarm: New Jersey Wants Your Baby’s Blood, also, Phelan: Aw, Looks Like We Couldn’t Get School Choice Done. Abbott: Eat A Nice Steaming Bowl Of “Fourth Session,” Dade 
Behind The Black: Astra secures temporary investment funding to keep it afloat, Two Russian satellites — one thought defunct — have been tracked in rendezvous maneuvers, ESA commits to a zero space junk policy, FCC raises questions about SpaceX’s application to link cell phones to Starlink, Virgin Galactic trims staff and spending, and The Democratic Party and its voters endorse bigots and murderers
Cafe Hayek: Phil Magness Provides Further Evidence of the Corruption of the Academy, also, Sohrab Ahmari Should Read More Widely or Carefully
CDR Salamander: What A Balanced Fleet Looks Like
Chicago Boyz: “Welcome to Columbia Untisemity”, also, A Stop On a Journey – The Lesson To Be Learned
Da Tech Guy: I Fully Endorse Shooting Someone Who Pulls a Knife on You, A hero in Hong Kong, Yes You can Blame the US and the UK and Australia and Yes Even Israel in a Fram Oil Filter sort of way, and Election 2023 Here Comes the Reaping
Don Surber: Three Reasons Why Trump Is Leading
First Street Journal: Three pages of Nashville shooter’s notebooks leaked
Gates Of Vienna: It’s Time for Slovenes to Arm Up, Biden Administration Focuses on ‘Islamophobia’ While Jew-Hatred Runs Rampant, Islam Means Peace — The Peace of the Grave, Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Who’s the Dumbest of Them All? and “I Want Sharia in Germany, Definitely”
The Geller Report: THEY KNEW AND PARTICIPATED, Elderly Jewish Man Beaten To Death By Pro-Terror Genocidal Protester in Los Angeles, and Muslim Jokes About ‘Seasoning’ the Israeli Baby Baked in an Oven
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, Euclid’s First Images, Who Is Really Failing? An Imagined Freedom From Consequences, and A Record Breaking Black Hole
Hollywood In Toto: Just Stop Oil Ramps Up Attacks on Priceless Art, It’s a Wonderful Knife Spoils a Holiday Classic, HuffPo Slams Cancel Culture, Can’t Admit Conservatives Were Right, Did Roger Waters Just Confirm What His Harshest Critics Claim? and Damaged Doc Gives Detransitioners a Voice
The Lid: Corrupt DHS Ran Illegal Censorship Campaign on Social Media During 2020 Election Cycle
Legal Insurrection: Minnesota Supreme Court Dismisses “Insurrection” Challenge To Trump Primary Ballot As Premature, Border Crisis: Judiciary Committee GOP Demand DOJ Explain Settlement With ACLU Over Separated Migrants, Hamas Admits in Sympathetic NYT Piece: We ‘Hope That the State of War With Israel Will Become Permanent on All the Borders’, Cooper Union Alums Threaten to Stop Donations Over School’s Response to Pro-Hamas Protests, Ahed Tamimi arrested for incitement after “We will drink your blood and eat your skulls” threat, Democrats Begin to Regret Relying on China for Trade in Green Energy Components, and Judge Engoron Claims He is ‘Not Here to Listen to What’ Trump has to Say During Testimony
Nebraska Energy Observer: Back to back, also, DeSantis, Israel, Good vs. Evil
Outkick: There’s Now A Proposal To Play The World Series At A Neutral Site, Here’s Why That’s A Terrible Idea, Michigan Responds To Big Ten, Tony Petitti. Wolverines Object To Punishment Of Football Coach Jim Harbaugh, Attention Gamblers: LSU QB Jayden Daniels Has A Chance To Play Vs. Florida Saturday After Suffering Concussion At Alabama, ‘You Guys Are Trying To Throw Adulthood On Him’, Washington State Coach Shares Ominous NIL Warning About Future Of The Program, College Football Rosters Are About To Be Raided, As The Transfer Portal Period Is Nearing A Start, NIL Picks Up, and Las Vegas Strip Club Offering Free Lap Dances For Military Members On Veterans Day
Power Line: Why Democrats Are Panicking, What Is Worse: Ignorance or Double-Standards? Audrey’s Manifesto, and Gibson on top [update: Gibson loses]
Shark Tank: The Hard Line According To Ron DeSantis*
Shot In The Dark: The Cano Corollary To Berg’s 21st Law, All Relative, The Enemy Within, Around, & Above, and Review & Revise
The Political Hat: The Witch Cult Of Academia
This Ain’t Hell: Vultures Circling Lejeune, Personal data on active-duty personnel sell for $0.12 cents per service member, VA does it again…oddly, Linguists not cunningArmy Recruiting Woes Redux, Psychedelics to treat veterans with PTSD? Research underway, and Ukraine End Game?
Transterrestrial Musings: The Nashville Shooter’s Manifesto, Germany’s Delusions, Sorry, Barack, and Race Horses
Victory Girls: Anne Frank Name Will Stay On German Daycare, David Axelrod Drops A Hint For Joe Biden – Drop Out, CNN Thinks We’re A Bunch Of Sourpusses, and GOP Debate: Why Does Ronna McDaniel Still Have A Job?
Volokh Conspiracy: November 7 as Victims of Communism Day—2023, also, A Woman Intentionally Crashed Her Car Into What She Thought Was a Jewish School 
Watts Up With That: Electric Vehicles and Africa: No Place for Rich Boys Toys, The Great Green Crash – Solar Down 40%, Africa Doesn’t Need Western Elites’ Meaningless Climate Policies, Catching-up on Monarch Butterflies, and California Continues to be a National Security Risk for America
The Federalist: Court: Democrats Have No Evidence To Challenge New Hampshire’s Voter ID Law, Biden’s HHS Wants To Nuke The Definition Of Nuclear Family From Its Regulations, Leftists Silently Shredding Hostage Posters Are Saying Exactly What You Think They Are, Like Father, Like Son: Eco-Hypocrites Charles And Harry Scold About Climate From Private Jets, How Biden’s Oil Policies Empowered Iran And Its Terror Proxies, Report: Leftist-Funded ProPublica Attacks Conservatives 23 Times More Often Than Democrats, and Senate Republicans Sniping At Tuberville’s DOD Abortion Protest Are Cowardly Fools
Mark Steyn: Live Around the Planet: Wednesday November 8th, also, The State as Rootless Transient

*Sorry, couldn’t resist the allusion to the overrated Terence Trent d’Arby. 

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