The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

#CPAC: The Trump-Haters Arrive

A policeman instructs protesters not to block the sidewalk. NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland “So much security,” the young well-dressed woman remarked to her similarly dressed friend as they crossed the road to enter the Gaylord Hotel. “It’s almost as if there’s somebody important here.” Indeed, President Trump is speaking this morning at the Conservative Political Action […]

#CPAC2017: Seen on the Scene

‘The Official Trump Truck’ is, as the president would say, yuuuge. NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland CPAC is like family reunion for bloggers. When I went down to breakfast Thursday morning, the first person I saw was Ed Morrissey of Hot Air.   After breakfast, I went outside for a post-meal smoke, which was where I ran […]

#CPAC 2017: ‘The Deconstruction of the Administrative State’ — Steve Bannon

  NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland President Trump is “maniacally focused” on keeping the promises he made to America during his campaign, White House strategist Steve Bannon said Thursday during a panel with chief of staff Reince Priebus. That includes enforcing immigration law — “protecting the sovereignty of the United States,” as Priebus said — and an […]

#CPAC2017: Joe the Plumber (@RealJTP) Talks Breitbart, Bannon, Trump

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland Joe Wurzelbacher was just a guy in Ohio in 2008, when he encountered Barack Obama on the campaign trail and asked him a question about taxes that catapulted “Joe the Plumber” to nationwide fame. Now, Joe works with Liberty Alliance and this morning I bumped into him outside CPAC and recorded a […]

#CPAC2017: Kellyanne Conway, Ted Cruz, Mark Levin, Dana Loesch, Steve Bannon

  NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland A big agenda of speakers today at the Conservative Political Action Conference, although the President doesn’t speak until Friday: Just less than a year ago, Donald Trump decided to skip CPAC – a decision the organization said he would come to regret, since it “sends a clear message to conservatives.” The […]

Fear and Loathing: CPAC Calls Me, and How Can I Answer the Call?

  MEMO FROM THE NATIONAL AFFAIRS DESK: Cynthia Yockey called last night from the Minneapolis airport, where her flight to Baltimore-Washington International had been rerouted due to weather problems in the Midwest. Blame global warming, and also heteropatriarchy, but why take time to assign blame now, eh? No, right now I’m rattling the tip jar […]

Fear and Loathing: Three Days, $900, and It’s Morning in Vanuatu Again

“How long, O Lord, how long? Where will it end? “All I ever wanted out of this campaign was enough money to get out of the country and live for a year or two in peaceful squalor in a house with a big screen porch looking down on an empty white beach, with a good […]

Homeward! (The Great Tip-Jar Rattle)

  CLEVELAND Well, my five-day stay in this fair city has come to an end, and now it’s time for me to return home. My train ticket on the Capitol Limited is paid for, but there’s cab fare to the station, and I’d like to grab a bite to eat before I go. My wife […]

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