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Posted on | November 2, 2012 | 50 Comments

That tiny speck on the stage? Rudy Giuliani.

I’ll have more photos later, but right now I just want to tell you how awesome tonight’s rally was. Rudy Giuliani’s speech was off the hook — the best takedown of the Obama administration I’ve heard this entire cycle, bar none. What Rudy said about Benghazi was particularly brutal.

We left early to beat the traffic out of the rally, stopped by the Double Tree Hotel to see some people, and Ali Akbar discovered an Associated Press reporter on Twitter trying to deliberately lowball the crowd estimate and claim there was “low energy” among Republican voters here.


That crowd was at least — at least — 25,000 and probably more like 35,000. No one could honestly claim it was less than 20,000, and they were fired up.

The AP reporter? Steve Peoples, a lying hack who has been previously busted for trying the same dishonest partisan trick in August.

If a Democrat Party propagandist wants a paycheck, let him collect it from OFA or the DNC, not AP.

UPDATE: You know why I was so angry about this?

Because last night I watched a video.

Andrew’s not here. He’s everywhere. “Fuck you. War.”

UPDATE II: Welcome, Instapundit readers. Ed Driscoll points out that the Cincinnati Enquirer, hardly a bastion of right-wing fanaticism, estimated Friday’s crowd at 30,000. Yet Steve Peoples reports 18,000?

Like I said, three words.

UPDATE III: I love this photo:

Young. Female. Republican. I know lots of young female Republicans, and yet the MSM wants to pretend they don’t exist. Just like Steve Peoples wishes out of existence more than 10,000 people.

UPDATE IV: Steve Peoples last tried to lowball the crowd estimate — and got caught by Tom Blumer of Newsbusters — when Paul Ryan came to Miami (Ohio) University in August. Guess what?

I was at that rally, too: “Math.”

UPDATE V: Video via Ace of Spades:

UPDATE VI (Smitty): Gay Patriot links. Thanks!




  • crosspatch

    Kudos for calling Peoples on it by name rather than just saying “the AP” as many people do. Hold them accountable for their words. They have bylines for a reason.

  • Jackie Wellfonder

    Awesome! More awesome–the email I just got from Romney with the subject line, ‘You tell me’, and a picture much like this one of the amazing crowd. The the words ‘Think we have momentum?’ BOOM!!! BFS indeed Peoples…..nice try tho…

  • Right-Wing Buckeye

    Anybody that saw video of the event knows that the crowd was fired up, and very large. This was a great event, and I hope it pulls more Ohioans into the Romney camp. I’ll be spending the weekend at the local victory center making calls for RomneyRyan2012. We are going to win this!

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  • John Anderson

    Build a path to success and they will follow! A vision that Mitt Romney has and will bring to US, yes all of us!

  • tuntavernderelict

    You are a freakin LIAR….the AP told me soooooo!

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  • Paul Lewis

    The rally was held around the corner from us. Our friend called me tonight, who is a security guard for Paul Brown stadium, and said the crowd was around 40,000 comparing it to the crowds at the stadium. I have heard from others that was there and said it was around 35,000- took 2.5 hours to get into the venue

  • Paul Lewis looks like just a few of my neighbors showed up tonight

  • smmy33

    Politco story up on the web now is about the Rally … And they too low balled it to 15 thousand (secret service sources)
    Or 18 thousand (police sources) F-uken obvious bastards,

    I went to their site to see 2 things… If they would low ball the crowd size and if they would mention Romney’s revenge quote….. And YES to both.

  • AshleyInOhio

    I was there and it was an amazing day/night. My friend and I lined up at 2PM and got a great place to stand for the event. We were so close, we could not grasp how large the crowd was… good heavens! Being one of the first to arrive, my enthusiasm did not cease, nor did those around us. We were surrounded by young and old alike. When I got tired, I looked at the 70 year olds behind me and the 6 year old girl with her mom and grandma. Romney/Ryan are a class act. As Mitt’s son left the stage, he shook the person’s hand next to me and thanked them for coming. Republicans are kind, heartfelt people and I am proud to stand with them. I’ll spend the next two days walking my precinct and praying Ohio and our country makes the right decision.

  • Adjoran

    It’s the Last Hurrah for Old Media between their overt campaigning for Obama and their coverup of Benghazi (which will unfortunately only become clear after the election). Their credibility was already at an all-time low, these final perfidies will be its death blow.

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch, IMHO.

  • EBL

    Nate Silver will be either a genius or a charlatan.

  • CallMeStormy

    Nate’s going to look like Lucy — he’ll have lots of ‘plaining to do post-election.

  • N.O.

    I was there…the crowd was incredible!! I’d say more than 35k!

  • MrPaulRevere

    Has anyone else noticed that comments on prog blogs and twitter feeds have
    become rabidly hysterical over the last 48 hours? It’s almost like cats and dogs
    who behave strangely before earthquakes. They sense what is coming.

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  • mechanic540

    These party hacks in the media are a funny lot aren’t they.Imagine if they had real jobs that required an honest effort.LOL, who am I kidding,they wouldn’t know honesty if it ran up their ass and bit them on it.

  • E. Kiefaber

    Local stations are reporting not only were their 30,000 there but hundreds turned away.

  • Adjoran

    “Acting funny but I don’t know why, ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky.” Their primitive instincts are driving a fight-or-flight reaction, but their conscious minds – such as they are – haven’t yet recognized the cause of the distress.

    Election night won’t be pretty. Entertaining, but not pretty.

  • Adjoran

    “Acting funny but I don’t know why, ‘scuse me while I kiss the sky.” Their primitive instincts are driving a fight-or-flight reaction, but their conscious minds – such as they are – haven’t yet recognized the cause of the distress.

    Election night won’t be pretty. Entertaining, but not pretty.

  • rosalie

    I pray it’s going to be pretty for our side, and all those libs who claim they’re going to leave the country actually leave.

  • Kathleen Phillips

    Stacy, I have to agree. Guiliani was electric. Putting him on early in the rally got the crowd going. And Marco Rubio: I think I’m in love. It was an amazing evening.

  • Ray_Van_Dune

    But David Axelturf told us this morning on NPR that Romney’s campaign in Ohio had a “car wreck”, and is “fleeing” to PA!
    If that rally is a “car wreck”, I will have to concede that Obama’s at least a much safer driver than Romney.

  • JeffS

    That’s why it’s important to stock up on popcorn and related supplies this weekend. The streets may be too slippery to travel Tuesday night.

    Slippery……from leftie heads going ‘splodey.

  • Dave

    So, how come Secret Service said only 18,000 went through the magnetometers used to screen all the attendees? Are they in the bag for Obama too? The Romney campaign is desperate to show some strength in OH, and they are lying about the crowd size just like their candidate lies about everything else. It’s all over folks! 4 more years!

  • Quartermaster

    He’ll do a lot of ‘plaining before the ‘splaining.

  • Wombat_socho

    “Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?” – Secret Service

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  • Carmen Gorostieta

    That fired up comment? Just listen to the audio of the crowd when Mitt speaks the money phrases… and then contrast to the crowd noise at the latest Obama speeches.

    Try searching the web for panorama shots of the recent Obama rallies. Its telling.

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  • EdinNJ

    You think Rudy Giuliani still keeps in touch with that one delegate he paid all that money for in 2008?

  • EdinNJ

    Explain what? He’s not a pollster, he’s an aggregator. He’s not making a prediction, he’s posting probability based on other pollsters. Inform yourself, so you don’t come off as stupid as you sound.

  • EsausMessage

    The Cincinnati Enquirer’s estimate was based on the on-the-record statement of the County Fire Chief. He said 30,000. That’s at least as authoritative as the police estimates and the Secret Service estimates, which as usual with Politico, are unnamed sources.

  •!/dudgeoh Dudge OH

    Ok… say that this 18k number is correct, that is still about 15k more than Obama got on the same day, at an indoor venue. Yeah… I’m sure the GOP are quaking.

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  • SDN

    He claims to have a magic formula for predicting elections…. almost as reliable as global warming.

    Three words.

    Now go fuck yourself with a swordfish. Sideways. And no lube.

  • SDN

    I don’t know…. how many hookers fit in a bag?

  • ObamaKatrina

    Niiiiice get ready to vote Tues! Talk to your friends get them to vote!!

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  • EdinNJ

    How are you feeling today moron?

  • SDN

    Same way I felt then: we aren’t going to get rid of you slavers except by killing you, and the proof is there for all to see.

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